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San Diego Council To Consider Raising Water Rates

A proposal by the city of San Diego's Public Utilities Department to raise water rates more than 7 percent in each of the next two years is scheduled to go before the City Council on Tuesday.

This photo shows pipes conveying water pumped from the Colorado River at the ...
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Above: This photo shows pipes conveying water pumped from the Colorado River at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's Whitsett Intake Pumping Plant near Parker Dam, California, Oct. 15, 2015.

The proposed increases would be 7.25 percent in the calendar year 2014, and an additional 7.5 percent the next year. The higher rates would vary among individual customers based on their amount of water usage.

The City Council won't be deciding whether to approve the plan at next week's meeting, but rather will schedule a public hearing for November and authorize notices to be delivered to water customers.

The proposed rate increases are the result of a study on the projected costs for the department to provide water to area residents and businesses.

Among the factors considered were increases in wholesale water rates and the need to pay debt service on major infrastructure projects.

The Public Utilities Department said it absorbed higher costs recently imposed by the Metropolitan Water District, the major wholesaler in Southern California, by reducing other expenses.

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria said the rate "adjustment'' is "very necessary'' to afford the city's higher costs.

"What we've done for the past two years is to absorb the additional cost of water within the city's budget,'' Gloria said. "We can't continue on that path. This is the fiscally responsible way to handle it, so I support that, and I think the City Council will support it, as well.''

Water rates in San Diego were last raised on March 1, 2011.

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thompsonrichard | September 7, 2013 at 6:35 p.m. ― 3 years, 6 months ago

The March 1, 2011 increase meant city water bills rose 67 percent in three years. Now another 15 percent over the next two years. San Diego was featured in the water crisis issue of National Geographic Magazine in 2010 as having the highest water rate of any U.S. city. Las Vegas dumps its treated waste water into the Colorado River -- we're downstream. We've lobbied, 'successfully' it seems, for 30 years to exempt ourselves from federal waste water treatment facility standards. Our beaches share common ocean with Tijuana waste water overflow mitigation system. Where is Bob Filner when we need him?

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Avatar for user 'thompsonrichard'

thompsonrichard | September 9, 2013 at 10:06 a.m. ― 3 years, 6 months ago

"San Diego's water is among the costliest in the United States -- 90 % is pumped in from Northern California and the Colorado River"(Apr., 2010 Nat'l Geographic).

The entire San Diego Congressional delegation recently voted for increased funding for the National Security Administration.

We need water, not increased surveillance.

That's why I'm voting DeMaio for Congress.

Carl DeMaio debated Big Bob 29 times. I like a good slug festival.

The Turk successfully urged snuff job on Big Bob; interim mayor the Turk, "Sollozzo-Gloria" organized unanimous 9-vote margin & others (e.g. former godfather, "McCluskey-Sanders"). -- but now comes the maelstrom -- Caporegimes "Luca" Faulconer, "Clemenza" Alvarez, and several other men want to "dip their beaks," also.

Eighty-two percent increase in our water rates over half a decade? Health-care costs?

Our broken analog watches were at least right twice-a-day.

Irwin Jacobs was on the search committee for UCSD Chancellor Khosla, and donated additional millions for the refurbishment of the official domicile.

Next door to UCSD is headquarters of General Atomics, which manufactures Predator drones in northern San Diego County.

The Jacobs College of Engineering wants exclusive FAA drone franchise.

The Chief Operating Officer under the former godfather led the attack on Bib Bob ("he touched my cheek"). A former V-P of General Atomics, she is married to co-owner Linden Blue.

Congressman Scott Peters often reiterates his admiration for the founder of Qualcomm.

NASA was Qualcomm's launch costumer, and its most lucrative aspect is its licensing franchises, e.g. the South Koreans pay Qualcomm three billions per year to share in the Chinese market.

During the decades of the personal computer and the Internet, the American economy has grown so slowly that average wages have stagnated, the middle class has been hallowed out, and inequality has surged.

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