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Groups Merge To Make San Diego More Pedestrian, Bike Friendly

Evening Edition

Aired 4/2/14 on KPBS Midday Edition.


Stephen Haase, Board Chair, Circulate San Diego

Kathleen Ferrier, Policy Manager, Circulate San Diego


Two groups dedicated to getting San Diegans out of their cars have joined forces: One of them wanted to see San Diego walk. The other wanted to see San Diego move. Now, together they want to encourage San Diegans to "circulate."

The new nonprofit group, called Circulate San Diego, hopes to boost its impact on policy agendas that range from safe routes to schools to more public transit.

Circulate San Diego launched last week at an event where board chairman Stephen Haase unveiled the new name and logo. The launch was held not far from the future site of a light rail transit station to be built along Morena Boulevard.

“These two organizations have made some great impacts on transportation policies and walkability over the past 10 years. By joining forces, this merger is taking us to a whole new level," Haase said.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer praised the merger.

“San Diego can be at the forefront of creating vibrant, healthy neighborhoods with great transportation choices like the Mid Coast Light Rail expansion. Circulate San Diego is a leader in ensuring our streets are safe for everyone whether they walk, cycle or drive. Our region deserves nothing less,” he said.

The new organization also aims to focus on land use policy, while becoming the region's leading transportation advocacy group.

"The region will grow by 400,000 new homes in the next four decades,” said Andy Hamilton, vice chair of Circulate San Diego. “Circulate SD will be at the table with government, developers and other stakeholders. Our work will reduce congestion, creating the freedom to choose from a variety of mobility and lifestyle options that will save people money, improve health and help the environment.”

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Avatar for user 'iSay'

iSay | April 2, 2014 at 2:38 p.m. ― 2 years, 11 months ago

It's nice to see that these two organizations have joined forces to encourage city leaders and citizens to walk, bike, and use public transport.

I think one idea to encourage people to use public transportation might be to see the Mayor of San Diego and the City Council take public transportation to work. They can start with one day a week. By getting civic leaders being active participants in public transit themselves they will be able to see how easy or nearly impossible it is to access in an efficient time manner certain parts of the city. Experiencing public transport first hand on a daily or weekly basis it will make our civic leaders understand the system and see exactly what changes need to done to improve. We need people with a vision.

Also, I think it would be helpful if KPBS would be actively involved in having their staff (I mean everybody) that works there using public transportation when possible. A few months ago I was at the station for an event (for which I took public transport), however, the person receiving the guests was giving us directions where to park. She was shocked that I took the bus to get to the station and in fact it looked like she didn't know that you have a bus terminal about a block away from your main entrance nor what buses stop there and where they go to.

I wonder how many KPBS employees and SDSU faculty and staff use public transit. My guess would be that not many. You have the trolley's Green line getting right into campus and about 3 or 4 other bus routes that serve the university. What I am getting to it is that it is not enough to talk about public transport in San Diego if you don't use yourselves.

Please consider using public transport. Be proactive about it. It is not as horrible as many people who only use their cars think. I love using public transport because it takes me out of my car bubble, my home bubble, my neighborhood bubble. You see all sorts of people and occasionally meet interesting ones.

Thanks for having that segment on Circulate San Diego. You are doing much better than the other TV and Radio stations in the area covering stories that matter to the community. Great job!

PS Did your two guests take public transport to get to the station or did they drive?

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