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Brad Martin

On Air Host

Photo of Brad Martin

Brad Martin has been the afternoon host on KPBS for more than 15 years. “The thrill of multi-tasking is something I enjoy,” he says. “I am constantly on the watch for some of those 'special little stories’ which give a bit of sizzle in between the sometimes heavy news stories…if I get time to fit them in.”

Brad began his career as a news reporter for a small radio station in Pennsylvania at age 16. He stayed active in radio through his college years. During breaks he would return to his on-air duties at his local radio station. Then it was on the trail to a very interesting, unusual life. His job as a radio personality took him from Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Miami, Washington, DC and Hampton Roads Virginia. Some stunts along the way? Emceeing an 24-hour runner’s marathon, halftime fun on the ice with the San Diego Gulls, getting painted green from head to toe for St. Patrick’s Day, sitting on dunk tanks, masquerading as a Hooters waitress (you don’t want to know). “I’m glad that part of my career is over,” he chuckles. “Public Radio doesn’t require such extreme measures in order to attract listeners."

At KPBS he holds down the fort in the afternoon, bringing everything together smoothly on the air. News, traffic, weather, etc. All Things Considered. Marketplace. Breaking News.

In his spare time Brad has an active freelance voice-over career in radio, video and television. He is also the voice heard on KPBS-TV during prime time hours. His passions include board games, genealogy, growing succulents and top-down driving.