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California Bill Would Mandate Paid Rest Breaks For Farm Workers

Current state law requires employers to encourage workers in extreme heat conditions to take frequent rest breaks and to drink water. This legislation would make it mandatory.

California Lawmakers Approve $687M Water Relief Package

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The $687-million package will immediately provide emergency drinking water and food assistance for parts of California, but still needs Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

California Lawmakers To Vote On Emergency Drought Relief Package

It appears California lawmakers are set to vote on emergency legislation that would allocate hundreds of millions of dollars for drought relief.

New Effort to Streamline Teacher Dismissal In California

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There have been several attempts over the years to reform California’s teacher dismissal process. All have been unsuccessful. But that’s not stopping one lawmaker from trying again.

Californians Urged To Buy Local Flowers For Valentine's Day

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If you're buying a bouquet for Valentine's Day, the people who grow and sell flowers in California are urging you to buy local.

Snow Brings Relief To California Ski Resorts But Snow Survey Dismal

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California's second snow survey shows the state likely won’t break free from its drought, but ski resorts are pleased with the most recent storm.

California Drivers Say Talking and Texting are Biggest Problems on Roads

California drivers say talking and texting on cell phones are the biggest traffic safety problems.

Another CSU Fee Increase Next Fall?

Another tuition increase is on the way for California State University students unless the state finds the university a lot more money in next year’s budget.


California Senior Legislature Calls for Silver Alert System

You’ve heard of the Amber Alert for kidnapped children. But what about a Silver Alert? Orange County Senior Senator Jim Levy says that would help track down someone with Alzheimer’s or another disease who wanders away from their home.

Legislature Passes Stronger Penalties for Cell Phones in Prisons

A bill that would impose fines and extra prison time for the use or smuggling of cell phones in California prisons is on its way to the governor.

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