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David Nogueras

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Home Prices Continue to Plummet in San Diego

A new report shows home prices are continuing to plummet in San Diego, declining more than 19 percent in February from a year earlier That follows a drop of 16 percent just one month before. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

High Gas Prices Fueling Retail Slump

The high price of gasoline in Southern California is hitting retailers on two fronts. Stores are paying more to bring in their merchandise and their customers have less money to spend. All that pressure is adding up to tough times for the retail industry. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

Most S.D. Wildfire Victims Still in Struggle with Insurance Companies to Rebuild

Even though it's been six months since wildfires ravaged more than 1,600 homes in the San Diego area, only a handful have begun to rebuild. That's because for many wildfire survivors, dealing with their insurance companies was like a second disaster. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

Some Say Beach Booze Ban Changing Character of Pacific Beach

The San Diego Police department is handing out 15 citations each week to people drinking alcohol on public beaches and in public parks. The ban was enacted by the city council after a Labor Day riot on Pacific Beach made headlines around the world.

Gov. Guarantees Fight Against Measures to Ban Same Sex Marriage

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he would fight a ballot measure that bans same-sex marriage in that state. David Nogueras has that story.

S.D. Mayor, Police Union Agree to Let Judge Decide on Pension Program

San Diego and it's Police Officers Union have reached an agreement on two controversial pension programs. Both have agreed to move the question off the negotiating table and into the courtroom. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

Historic Tree in Balboa Park to be Cut Down

Workers will cut down a giant sugar gum tree today in Balboa park. The tree is over 100 feet high and stands in front of the Old Globe Theater. It was planted during the great depression. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

Cleveland National Forest Reopening to Public

In the aftermath of last fall's wildfires in San Diego, the Forest Service restricted access to large parts of the Cleveland National Forest. Now, almost six months later, many of the sections are reopening to the public. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

San Diego Moves Forward with Brush Clearing Program

For the first time in the city's history, San Diego will have a fully funded brush management program. During the next two years the city will clear all of the nearly 1,200 acres recommended by the fire rescue department. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

Plastic Waste Taking Toll on Beaches, Pacific Ocean

Two San Diego environmental groups are saying 80-percent of the trash washed up on San Diego beaches last year was made of plastic. Reporter David Nogueras has more.

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