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Mark Sauer

Host, The Roundtable

Photo of Mark Sauer

A newspaperman for more than 30 years, Mark Sauer joined KPBS in October 2010 and currently serves as the host of the KPBS Roundtable, airing each Friday on radio and TV.

He spent 27 years as a reporter and editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune after stints at The Houston Post and at two papers in his native Michigan.

A features/human-interest writer in the UT's Currents section for many years, Mark also spent about a third of his UT career as an editor and reporter on the Metro Desk. He has covered a wide range of events: Wild fires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast; Super Bowls and the World Series; foster care and child-abuse issues; the Roman Catholic Diocese's sexual-abuse scandal and bankruptcy; royal visits of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Diana; Republican and Democratic national conventions; high-profile criminal trials; and many other stories, from the silly to the sublime. Along the way, he interviewed everyone from presidents to pan-handlers.

His work exposing the false accusations and prosecutions of several San Diegans for murder, rape and child abuse garnered Pulitzer Prize nominations and many regional and local journalism awards, including Best in the West, the Sol Price Award for Responsible Journalism and several San Diego and California bar-association awards.

Mark has a degree in journalism from Michigan State University.

Recent Stories

Roundtable: Issa v. Applegate; Unproven Stem Cell Treatments; Barrio Logan & The Downtown Stadium

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Darrell Issa's congressional race is closer than he would perhaps like. A local company refers a patient for a costly, unproven stem cell treatment. And Barrio Logan braces for a very large new neighbor.

Roundtable: Untested Rape Kits, Zoo's Big Bank Account, Opioids In San Diego's Suburbs

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The San Diego Police Department has a backlog of some 2,400 untested rape kits. The San Diego Zoo has a huge bank account and a taxpayer subsidy. Suburban cities like Poway and La Mesa have more and more cases of opioid and heroin abuse.

Roundtable: Soledad Cross, Housing Crisis, Living Wage, Public Bathrooms

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The Mt. Soledad cross case is finally over. San Diego's housing crisis is getting worse. San Diego's living wage ordinance is a 10-year success. Downtown public toilets are often not functional.

Roundtable: San Diego's Pot Tax, Lofty Transit Goals, Preschool Costs

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If recreational pot becomes legal, San Diego wants to tax its sales. The city's Climate Action Plan predicts thousands will quit driving to work. And San Diego's school district makes pre-K available to all — for a price.

Roundtable: Officer-Involved Shooting; Chargers; More Money, Less Traffic?

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An officer's deposition reveals a surprising outcome in the 2015 shooting of Fridoon Nehad. The Chargers defend their stadium plan. And does more funding mean less traffic?

Roundtable: The Trump Effect, Straw Donors, Border Crossing Difficulties

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The presidential race continues to make headlines. Turns out, there were quite a number of straw donors to the Dumanis mayoral campaign. And American wives are being denied SENTRI passes when their husbands are deported to Mexico.

Latest 'One Book, One San Diego' Selection Revealed

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Inspired by the the "custody battle" over Cuban student Elián González, the 2003 memoir by a Yale University professor traces the author's own experiences growing up in Castro's Cuba.

Roundtable: San Diego Election News; Not Much Middle-Class Housing; Suing Hillary Clinton

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San Diego's District 1 City Council race is surprisingly settled when the Republican withdraws. New homes in the county are built for those with above-average incomes. A San Diegan sues Hillary Clinton in federal court.

Roundtable: Azano Campaign Finance Trial, Ignored Transparency Law, Otay Mesa RV Park

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Some surprising names surface in federal trial of José Susumo Azano Matsura. For 24 years, San Diego leaders have ignored a law requiring the names of everyone doing business with the city. And a San Diego planning official operates an RV park without permits, electricity or sewer hookups.

Roundtable: Hillary's DNC; Suing Trump University; No Tipping?

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Hillary Clinton's Democratic National Convention was not like Donald Trump's Republican National Convention, for the most part. Class-action suits against Trump and his university will go to trial. A local restaurateur has had enough of tipping.

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