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Mark Sauer

KPBS Senior News Editor & Host of the Roundtable

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A newspaperman for more than 30 years, Mark Sauer joined KPBS in October 2010 as the Senior News Editor. Mark is also the host of the Roundtable, airing each Friday on KPBS Radio and TV.

He spent 27 years as a reporter and editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune after stints at The Houston Post and at two papers in his native Michigan.

A features/human-interest writer in the UT's Currents section for many years, Mark also spent about a third of his UT career as an editor and reporter on the Metro Desk. He has covered a wide range of events: Wild fires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast; Super Bowls and the World Series; foster care and child-abuse issues; the Roman Catholic Diocese's sexual-abuse scandal and bankruptcy; royal visits of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Diana; Republican and Democratic national conventions; high-profile criminal trials; and many other stories, from the silly to the sublime. Along the way, he interviewed everyone from presidents to pan-handlers.

His work exposing the false accusations and prosecutions of several San Diegans for murder, rape and child abuse garnered Pulitzer Prize nominations and many regional and local journalism awards, including Best in the West, the Sol Price Award for Responsible Journalism and several San Diego and California bar-association awards.

Mark has a degree in journalism from Michigan State University.

Recent Stories

Roundtable Looks At Power And Weather, One Paseo, La Mesa Politics

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The recent heat wave was no joke, but no rolling brown-outs resulted. Some SDG&E customers aren't finding the proposed rate structure funny, either. Carmel Valley votes down One Paseo. Longtime La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid wants a seventh term.

Roundtable: On ISIS Strategy, Death In Jail, Violence Among Pro Athletes

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The president wants to arm and train warriors against ISIS. A review board blasts the San Diego County Sheriffs' Department over the recent death of an inmate. Violence among professional athletes goes much further than Ray Rice.

Roundtable Analyzes Debates, Fracking, Testing Violations In Chula Vista Schools

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The Brown-Kashkari debate gave off some heat, but did it enlighten voters? Carol Kim and Chris Cate both want the same City Council seat. The Bureau of Land Management uses an incomplete and flawed study to OK fracking in California. Chula Vista Elementary ignores state law when it tests students.

Roundtable On Minimum Wage, Bill Fulton and Bud Selig Plaza

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The San Diego City Council passed a minimum wage increase by a 6-3 vote and then overrode Mayor Kevin Faulconer's veto. But now the city is in the midst of a referendum drive to negate all that. Bill Fulton, the smart-growth guru called a "planners' planner," is gone from city hall. And the Padres renamed Palm Court Plaza the Selig Hall of Fame Plaza, to fans' dismay.

Roundtable Tackles Iraq Dilemma, Incentives For Businesses, Escondido Golf Course

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says no to more boots on the ground in Iraq. Are businesses leaving San Diego for greener tax pastures or do they stick around for the talent and expertise? A developer wants to build houses on a dying Escondido golf course.

Roundtable On Useless SDPD Surveillance System, No Convention Center Expansion, San Diego Court Backlogs

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SDPD's Secure San Diego surveillance program is nearly useless. The plan to fund the Convention Center expansion was shot down by an appeals court. San Diego will get no relief from drastically cut court budgets.

Court Rejects San Diego Convention Center Expansion Tax

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A court of appeals on Friday dealt a serious blow to the San Diego Convention Center expansion.

Roundtable Tackles Migrant Crisis, Congressional Politics, For-Profit Colleges

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On the Roundtable: House conservatives block Obama's funding request; Carl DeMaio runs against the Republican platform; and the state says for-profit colleges target vets.

Roundtable: Minimum Wage, Six Californias, Water Restrictions, Pride Week

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There's a new minimum wage for anyone working in San Diego, a proposal to divide California into six states with unimaginative names, mandatory water restrictions for us all and a celebration of LGBT Pride for everyone.

Tips For Having A Safe Fourth Of July

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San Diego lifeguards and law enforcement officers are encouraging Fourth of July revelers to be safe over the holiday weekend.

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