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Roundtable: Reflecting On Filner, No Shelter In Escondido, Padres And Chargers

July 25
Midday Edition
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Irene McCormack Jackson reveals what it was like to work for Mayor Bob Filner. Escondido reveals it doesn't want to shelter migrant children. The Padres reveal trades, and the Chargers reveal hopes for 2014.

Roundtable: Minimum Wage, Six Californias, Water Restrictions, Pride Week

July 18
Midday Edition
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There's a new minimum wage for anyone working in San Diego, a proposal to divide California into six states with unimaginative names, mandatory water restrictions for us all and a celebration of LGBT Pride for everyone.

Roundtable: Immigration Crisis, Parole Law, Railroad Off Track

July 11
Midday Edition
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Chris Jennewein, of Times of San Diego; Tony Perry, of The Los Angeles Times; and Dorian Hargrove, of the San Diego Reader, join KPBS senior news editor Mark Sauer at Friday's Roundtable.

Roundtable: More Darrell Issa, More Funds For County Supervisors, No Shelter In Escondido

June 27
Midday Edition
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Is Darrell Issa a watchdog? A grandstander? A little of both? Escondido says no to sheltering immigrant children. County supervisors say yes to doubling their discretionary funds and more development in the Cleveland National Forest.

Roundtable: Tony Gwynn, Hit-And-Run Accidents, Congress and Guns

June 20
Midday Edition
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We celebrate Tony Gwynn, a magnificent baseball player and better human being. There's a worrying uptick in deaths from drivers who flee the scene. The American people seem to want better control of the nation's guns. Will Congress do anything?

Roundtable: Teachers, Iraqis, NCTD Knocked For A Loop

June 13
Midday Edition
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It didn't take long for a judge to dismiss tenure and other teacher job protections in California or for Sunni militants to overrun Mosul and head toward Baghdad. It may take some time, though, to fill all the managerial vacancies at the North County Transit District.

Roundtable: Analyzing The Primary Election, Concern Over Solar Power

June 6
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
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The voters of San Diego tell Barrio Logan what they can do with their plan. Incumbent District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis cruises to an outright win. The City Council make-up is yet to be decided, as is the race between County Supervisor Bill Horn and challenger Jim Wood. And accessing renewable energy could get tougher in California.

Roundtable: Who Says Primary Politics In San Diego Is Boring?

May 30
Midday Edition
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For those who think the 2014 primary election in San Diego is a snooze, here's evidence to the contrary. The 52nd congressional race already is fraught — with money and attack ads. The entire city is voting on a revised community plan for one neighborhood. Two new San Diego City Council members could change the balance of power. And Bill Horn has a challenger.

Roundtable: Supervisor Horn's Charity; San Diego Opera Future; Fire Lessons

May 23
By Alison St John, Neiko Will
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San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn's religious charity is questioned. The show will go on at the San Diego Opera. What last week's fires say about this coming season.

Crews At Camp Pendleton Battling Three Large Brush Fires

May 16
By KPBS , City News Service
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Firefighters worked much of the week to stamp out two blazes that had blackened more than 14,500 acres on the Marine base when a third fire broke out Friday afternoon.

Roundtable: Race For San Diego County District Attorney

May 9
Midday Edition
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On a special edition of The Roundtable, the candidates for San Diego County district attorney talk about prison realignment, the death penalty and other issues facing that office.

Roundtable: Wind & Fire; Minimum Wage; Sterling Racism

May 2
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer, Natalie Walsh, Neiko Will
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The marine layer disappeared this week, and suddenly May seemed like your typical October. Donald Sterling was outed as a racist by TMZ, and banned for life by the NBA. Dueling minimum-wage proposals will duke it out, unless they won't.

Roundtable: More Drama At San Diego Opera Unfolds

April 25
Midday Edition
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Journalists analyze the spell-binding tale of the San Diego Opera, part cliff-hanger, part soap, part farce and part whodunnit. Will the sum of these parts end up a heroic saga or a tragedy?

Roundtable: City Budget, Climate Change Politics, Vets And Painkillers

April 18
Midday Edition
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San Diego's 2015 budget increases public safety, infrastructure expenses. The U.N. says action on climate change is needed urgently, but the political divide is wide and deep. San Diego's VA leads the way on curbing painkiller abuse among vets.

Roundtable: San Diego's Olympic Dreams; Sailing into Trouble; District 6 Candidates

April 11
Midday Edition
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Some San Diegans want the city to host the 2024 Olympics. Others want the Chinese to fund local start-ups. The Kaufman family is on dry land and under heavy criticism. Candidates for City Council District 6 are already debating.

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