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Michael Lipkin

News Producer, KPBS Midday Edition

Photo of Michael Lipkin

Michael Lipkin is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition.

Before joining KPBS, he covered finance for the San Diego Business Journal and legal affairs for newswire Law360. He was also a producer for Chicago Tonight, a nightly news magazine on PBS member station WTTW. His work has appeared in The New York Times and The Boston Globe, and on the PBS NewsHour.

Michael is originally from Brooklyn. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Law, Letters and Society.

Recent Stories

Exhibit Shows How Jews Helped Found Early San Diego

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Historian Joellyn Zollman said San Diego's early Jews were able to participate directly in the creation of their city, which wasn’t true in places like New York, Baltimore or Chicago.

'The Bad Kids' Documents High School For At-Risk Students

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Continuation schools are where students go when they’re at risk of not graduating because they’ve fallen too far behind, they work part-time or problems at home prevent them from attending school all day. "The Bad Kids" profiles Yucca Valley’s Black Rock High School, a continuation school with a charismatic leader.

Mariner Travels The World To Study Ocean Tides

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Mariner Jonathan White thought he knew everything he needed to know about the constant roiling of the sea. But after almost losing his boat in a large Alaskan tide, he set off on a decades-long, worldwide journey to learn more about the ocean's movements.

USD Questions Morality Of Immigration Policies

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U.S. federal judges in two states blocked President Donald Trump's renewed travel ban from taking effect on Wednesday night, a day before the executive order was set to go into effect. A debate Thursday night at the University of San Diego will take up another criticism of federal policy: Is immigration a moral right?

Prize-Winning Roboticist Talks Self-Driving Cars In San Diego

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A pioneer in automated driving technology is among the Kyoto Prize laureates lecturing in San Diego this week. The Kyoto Prize, one of the top scientific awards in the world, holds an annual symposium in San Diego featuring the year's three winners.

Wyatt Earp Biography Separates Myth From Reality

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The Old West lawman Wyatt Earp's had his story told in at least a half-dozen movies, but the stories of Earp that have survived in pop culture are often more legend than historical fact.

San Diego's Female Chefs Celebrate Their Kitchen Leadership

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Women have been cooking and preparing meals for millennia, but female chefs are still a significant minority in U.S. restaurants.

First Person: High-School Robotics Leader

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Grace Engleman, 16, was the only girl on her high school’s freshman robotics team. So when a group of her classmates wanted to form an all-girls team last summer, she was the natural choice to lead.

North County Crackdown Takes Out Major Heroin Supplier

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Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged 55 people in a series of drug cases they claimed were some of the most significant yet to deal with San Diego County's rising heroin and methamphetamine use.

UC San Diego To Probe How Humans Became Aware Of Death

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Everything that's alive on this planet eventually dies, but it's the special lot of human beings to be the only species with an awareness of our own mortality.

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