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Pat Finn


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Pat Finn is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition.

Finn began her career in broadcasting at KTLA and KCET in Los Angeles. In 1979 she became KPBS’ Public Information Director, then Director of Advertising and Promotion, Program Director, and Director of Broadcasting. She oversaw the station’s local and national productions, including the one-hour documentary Los Romeros: The Royal Family of the Guitar, and Child Protective Services, a one-hour look inside the San Diego County agency responsible for the welfare of at risk children. Both programs also aired on public television stations nationwide.

Finn has earned honors from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Recent Stories

Roundtable: Issa v. Applegate; Unproven Stem Cell Treatments; Barrio Logan & The Downtown Stadium

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Darrell Issa's congressional race is closer than he would perhaps like. A local company refers a patient for a costly, unproven stem cell treatment. And Barrio Logan braces for a very large new neighbor.

Chargers Players Describe The One Game They'll Always Remember

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In San Diego sportswriter Jay Paris' new book, 21 Chargers stars reveal the game that was most important to them. Not all the games were wins.

Roundtable: Untested Rape Kits, Zoo's Big Bank Account, Opioids In San Diego's Suburbs

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The San Diego Police Department has a backlog of some 2,400 untested rape kits. The San Diego Zoo has a huge bank account and a taxpayer subsidy. Suburban cities like Poway and La Mesa have more and more cases of opioid and heroin abuse.

Author Carl Hiaasen In San Diego To Talk Florida

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Carl Hiaasen is in town to explain — if he can — his home state of Florida and talk about his latest comic crime novel, actually, comic novel crime. In this case, it's one perpetrated by the "Razor Girl" of the title.

Roundtable: Soledad Cross, Housing Crisis, Living Wage, Public Bathrooms

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The Mt. Soledad cross case is finally over. San Diego's housing crisis is getting worse. San Diego's living wage ordinance is a 10-year success. Downtown public toilets are often not functional.

As Cybercrime Grows, Does Anyone Care?

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These days there seem to be hackers rummaging around in databases everywhere: department stores, banks, hotels, the Democratic Party, the Ukrainian power grid, even the formidable National Security Agency. So why aren't we more alarmed?

Roundtable: San Diego's Pot Tax, Lofty Transit Goals, Preschool Costs

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If recreational pot becomes legal, San Diego wants to tax its sales. The city's Climate Action Plan predicts thousands will quit driving to work. And San Diego's school district makes pre-K available to all — for a price.

Bills Inspired By Turner Sexual Assault Case Sent to Governor

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Two bills closing loopholes in California's laws governing rape have been sent to the governor. Both were inspired by the recent Brock Turner case.

This Year's Challenges For Students, Pre-Students, Teachers And Charter Schools

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As the 2016-17 school year begins, some charter school funds are running out, preschool can be pretty darn expensive, and the chronic absence rate — for teachers — is high.

Roundtable: Officer-Involved Shooting; Chargers; More Money, Less Traffic?

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An officer's deposition reveals a surprising outcome in the 2015 shooting of Fridoon Nehad. The Chargers defend their stadium plan. And does more funding mean less traffic?

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