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Navy Broadway Complex redevelopment goes to the City Council

The City Council meets to discuss the Navy Broadway redevelopment project and its impact on the waterfront of the San Diego. Plans are already underway to construct luxury high rises housing retail s

Navy Broadway Complex redevelopment goes to the City Council

Later this month, San Diego’s Center City Development Corporation is expect to vote, up or down, on a redevelopment plan for the Navy Broadway complex. Located on San Diego bay at the foot of Broadway, it may be the most valuable piece of real estate in the city. It’s value is measured, not necessarily in dollars and cents, but in civic value. It’s a beautiful location, at the heart of downtown, that many people believe should be reserved for use by the public. But a redevelopment agreement with the Navy, which owns the land, calls for more than 3 million square feet of office, residential and retail space.

While many people say the redevelopment plan is too dense and just not good enough, the Navy insists it’s a done deal. But that didn’t stop the San Diego city council from talking about the plan yesterday.



  • Alison St. John, San Diego City Hall Reporter for KPBS News.
  • Ann Jarmusch, architecture critic for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

(Photo: Navy Broadway Complex, John Newton / KPBS )