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Web site Brings Political Opponents Together

Contemporary politics can be ruthless, divisive, and sometimes downright nasty. Co-founder of Matthew Dowd discusses the need for an online political forum. He hopes politicians will fin

Web site Brings Political Opponents Together is the name of a political Web site that’s due to start in October. The Web site’s founders include some of the country’s top political operatives. They’re the kind of people that have made their livings bashing the opposition. But with Hotsoup, they’re showing a softer side.

The point of Hotsoup is to reduce the partisan volume, find a common ground and influence the nation’s opinion makers. Hotsoup is one of the most highly anticipated political websites to come on the scene in quite a while. Still, nobody is quite sure what its content will be.


  • Matthew Dowd, chief strategist for Gov. Schwarzenegger's reelection campaign and co-founder of