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Proposition 90: Change to Eminent Domain Regulations

Proposition 90 would amend the California Constitution to “require government to pay property owners for substantial economic losses resulting from some new laws and rules, and limit government autho

Proposition 90: Change to Eminent Domain Regulations

Tom Fudge: The election in California, this year, is more about propositions than elected office. The governor’s race could go either way, but the polls certainly tell us it’s not very competitive. The competitive House districts and U.S. Senate races are mainly in the East and Midwest. And California Democrats are in no danger of losing control of the Legislature.

That means that most of our attention is focused on propositions. We’ve talked about a lot of them on this show. Props like 87, the oil tax, and 86, the cigarette tax, have attracted a lot of attention and a lot of special interest money.


But Proposition 90 has flown below the radar. And that’s remarkable, since it could have a profound effect on the powers of government. Prop. 90 would change the powers of eminent domain so that governments could not seize property and turn it over to another private entity. But it goes beyond that by making it harder for government to pass any new law that would affect the value of property.


  • Daniel Weintraub , political columnist for the Sacramento Bee.