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Election Day at the Polls

We go live to KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg at a polling location in Escondido, review voting statistics and get political analyses of the hot issues driving people to the polls this morning.

Election Day at the Polls

Tom Fudge : It’s Election Day, these days in California. There are 1,650 polling places across San Diego County. And by now, all of them are opened for business.

Conventional wisdom say turnout in California will be light. That’s due to less than competitive races for Governor and U.S. Senate. Also, most Congressional districts in California are very safe for incumbents.


We are, however, voting on an awful lot of money in bonding at the state level, what with propositions 1B through 1E. That’s not to mention some of the high-ticket education bonds on the local ballot.


  • Kenny Goldberg , reporter for KPBS News. He joins us from Escondido
  • John Nienstadt , president of Competitive Edge Research and Communication.