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Cities in Focus: Poway Mayor

Guest host Steve Walker talks with Poway Mayor Mickey Cafagna about some of the issues facing San Diego's sixth smallest city.

The sixth smallest city in the county, Poway covers almost 40 square miles in the North County inland area. It has a population of about 50,000 people and the fewest people per acre –1.8 – countywide. 

Poway has earned the reputation as a city with a high quality of life with residents enjoying one of the county’s highest median incomes; lowest crime rates; large swaths of open space; many public amenities; and a stellar school district. However, pressures to increase density and develop affordable housing are making it harder for Poway to live up to its motto "the city in the country". Guest Host Steve Walker talks with Poway mayor Mickey Cafagna about those challenges.



  • Mickey Cafagna , Poway mayor.