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Minimum Wage Increase Could Have Major Effect on Workers, Businesses

California raised the minimum wage on Jan. 1 and the new speaker of the house promises to make raising the national minimum wage a priority for the new Congress. What does the increase in wages mean f

Workers who earned $6.75 an hour last year got a pay boost yesterday to $7.50. And next January 1st, minimum wage will go up to $8. Now, it’s possible that Congress will lift the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25. Tonight, we’ll explore the impacts of the minimum wage rise. Host Gloria Penner talks about the change with Erik Bruvold, president and CEO of the brand new San Diego Institute for Policy Research, a think tank launched by Steve Francis, a candidate for San Diego mayor in the last election. And Richard Barrera, formerly the San Diego-Imperial counties regional director for the United Domestic Workers of America. He is now the responsible development director for the Center on Policy Initiatives.


  • Erik Bruvold , president and CEO, San Diego Institute for Policy Research.
  • Richard Barrera , Responsible Development Director, Center on Policy Initiatives.