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Beatlemania on These Days

The music of the Beatles feels as relevant as ever. UCSD Music Professor and percussionist Steve Schick joins us to talk about the musical legacy of the Beatles. We’ll also talk with curator Vincen

Beatlemania on These Days

Tom Fudge: We’ve all heard of the Beatles, right? I mean this isn’t just a baby-boomer thing… I assume even youngsters today know that there was this really popular rock group in the sixties from Liverpool, England.

Well, if you really have not heard of the Beatles. Let me tell you that they were a unique rock and roll band to say the least. Maybe they’re better described as having been a pop group. Unlike other groups like the Rolling Stones, they didn’t insist that all of their music be full of blues and heavy beats. It was remarkable, in fact, how they managed to be so eclectic and remain so popular. It was as if their fans were willing to go in just about any direction the Fab Four wanted to take them.

But what was the key to their music, and why were they so good? Steve Schick is a professor of music at UCSD, and he periodically teaches a class on the Beatles. I spoke to Schick and I asked him why we still care about the Beatles today, and why they’re still relevant.


  • Steve Schick , professor of music at UCSD and he’s teaching a class this quarter on the Beatles.
  • Vincent Vigil , guest curator of the show John, Paul, George, and Ringo Forever at the San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery.