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Sexual Harassment Laws Updated in 2007

The California Legislature passed a law two years ago requiring companies with 50 employees or more to provide training to supervisors against sexual harassment every two years. This year is a mandato

Sexual Harassment Laws Updated in 2007

Tom Fudge: The year 2007 is a training year in California for sexual harassment. This is the result of Assembly Bill 1825. The bill says that any California business with more than 50 employees needs to be sure its supervisors know the basics of the law.

Sexual harassment is a new branch of the law that has lead to thousands of lawsuits and millions, if not billions of dollars in damages paid. Still, it’s a law most workers don’t understand very well. And nearly all of us get confused when trying to decide what behavior is okay, and what behavior gets us in trouble.


The increased numbers of women in the workforce have created a new dynamic for the American economy.  


  • Patricia Perez, an attorney and founder and president of Puente Consulting, Inc, a human resources and employment consulting firm based in San Diego.