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Gardening Advice

We speak with two gardening experts about how to save gardens from the frost and drought.

Gardening Advice

(Photo: Nan Sterman and Tom Piergrossi, Josette Herdell/KPBS)


Tom Fudge: The past couple of months have not been kind to plants. We've heard plenty of bad news about the effect of cold weather on California agriculture. With a combination of the cold and the lack of rain -- San Diego has only gotten two inches so far this season -- gardeners are up against quite a lot. Joining us to talk about the challenging weather, and hopefully bringing some good news as well, are our gardening experts.


  • Nan Sterman , garden expert and garden writer. She is also the host of A Growing Passion , a program that airs on KPBS-TV.
  • Tom Piergrossi , horticulturist, landscaper and wholesale grower of rare and unusual plants. He is also the host and producer of a TV gardening show called Down to Earth .

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