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Shootings by Officers Spur Call for Justice

What's behind the spate of fatal shootings of Latino men by sheriffs’ deputies in Vista? A group of concerned residents wants to find out.

Fatal shootings are tragic. But when the trigger is pulled by a law enforcement officer, questions inevitably arise about the use of deadly force.

In the city of Vista, Sheriff's deputies fatally shot four men in 2005, all Latinos. Two more Latino men were shot and killed by sheriff's deputies in 2006. Do those facts point to a bigger story? Vista is a small city with less than 100,000 people. About 40 percent of the residents are Latino. Many of them are unsatisfied with the conclusion by the District Attorney's office that the shootings were justified. Now a group of citizen organizations is calling for a review of the officer-involved shootings by the State Attorney General.

Reporter Joanne Faryon talks with Vista residents about the shootings, and host Gloria Penner discusses community concerns with Bill Flores, a retired San Diego County Sheriff, now spokesman for El Grupo, a coalition of local organizations concerned about those shootings.



  • William Flores, El Grupo Coalition