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Reducing Parole Violations in San Diego

Did you know that San Diego has the highest rate of parolee recidivism in California? San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is hoping a new program starting in San Diego will help reduce

Reducing Parole Violations in San Diego

Tom Fudge:  The problems of California's prison system are well known. The system is way over capacity and subject to court orders. There’s no one thing that can change California corrections into a model for the nation. But one thing will definitely help with overcrowding. That's keeping ex-convicts from going back. It's hard to overemphasize California's problem with criminal recidivism and parole violation. Seventy percent of people, released from prison in this state, are back behind bars within two years.

Recently, state legislation has been passed to address the problem. And San Diego County has put in place a unique program to teach ex-cons the skills they need to make it in society. Joining me to talk about what's going on are two members of the district attorney's office.



  • Bonnie Dumanis , San Diego County district attorney

  • JJ Anderson, public affairs officer with the district attorney's office. He has been specifically assigned to coordinate various community organizations to participate in the San Diego program to reduce parolee recidivism

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