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Revising San Diego’s Lobbying Laws

If you make one dollar as a lobbyist in San Diego, you may soon have to register with the city. Under the proposed changes to the city's lobbying laws, a lobbyist must also disclose which officials t

Revising San Diego’s Lobbying Laws

Tom Fudge:  Last week, the San Diego City Council's Rules Committee approved an overhaul of City Hall’s lobbying rules. The proposed rules would set a much stricter standard for who has to register as a lobbyist, and what they have to reveal about their activities.

Under the new rules, any lobbyist who's paid by a third party to influence City Hall, or who meets with city officials at least 10 times in 60 days, must register. The proposal passed the council's Rules Committee on a unanimous vote.


As you can imagine, a lot of lobbyists are not very happy about the new plan. And, it’s worth asking how much good it will do when it comes to checking corruption in local government.   


  • Stacey Fulhorst, executive director of the City of San Diego Ethics Commission
  • Jim Sutton, attorney who specializes in election law and ethics. He is representing a group of local lobbying firms, trade associations and businesses