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Local Analysts Look Back at Four Years in Iraq

Today marks the fourth year since coalition forces invaded Iraq. Local professors tell us what has changed since the invasion, what obstacles continue to create an unstable country, and what we can e

Local Analysts Look Back at Four Years in Iraq

Tom Fudge: Four years ago today, the invasion of Iraq began. One general involved in that invasion asked a profound question during the opening days, "Tell me how this thing ends." His name was David Petraeus. And he's now the commander of all American forces in Iraq. It's ironic that he now is being forced to answer his own question.

The Patreaus question is on the minds of nearly all Americans. Yesterday, President Bush delivered a speech in which gave no specific answer. But he asked the American people to be patient, suggesting that the goal of securing Baghdad would take, " months, not weeks."


The Iraq war has cost the U.S. nearly 500 billion dollars, and more than three thousand lives. And polls indicate that the patience that the President is asking for is running out. 


  • Dr. Dipak Gupta, chair of the International Security and Conflict Resolution program at SDSU.
  • Ronald Bee, director of Charles A. Hostler Institute on World Affairs at SDSU.