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San Diego Considers Incentives for Developers of Low-Income Housing

The City of San Diego is considering creating a system of incentives for developers to create affordable housing. The so-called density bonus system offers developers the ability to increase density,

San Diego Considers Incentives for Developers of Low-Income Housing

Tomorrow the San Diego City Council is scheduled to debate a proposal for encouraging the construction of affordable housing. But the so-called "density bonus" plan is likely to be continued for a second time.

The difficulty the council has, voting on the measure, is a testament to how controversial it's become. Essentially, the density bonus plan would allow developers to build more residential units than current zoning allows. The tradeoff is the developers would agree to sell a certain portion of their units at below market rate.


Some local activists say the plan is poorly written. They say it would create environmental problems in many neighborhoods, and it would lock communities out of the decision-making process.


  • Jim Waring, deputy chief operating officer for land use and economic development.
  • John McNab, member of the San Diego Coastal Alliance