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The I-5 and I-805 Bypass to Relieve Congestion

A major San Diego freeway project opens this week at the infamous I-5 and I-805 merge, which will ease congestion and lower commute times. What other transportation infrastructure projects are underw

The I-5 and I-805 Bypass to Relieve Congestion

Tom Fudge: This week, North-South commuters near the San Diego coast will notice a change in the Interstate 5 and 805 merge. That's because this week is the scheduled opening of some new lanes. The famous rush-hour bottleneck will be acquiring a freeway bypass. According to one report, the Sorrento Valley interchange will span 21 lanes at its widest point.

The I-5, I-805 bypass opens this week and the South Bay Expressway opens in late summer. 



  • Garry Bonelli, communications director of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG, ), the region's transportation planning agency.
  • Allan Kosup , deputy district director of Program/Project Management for Caltrans.