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A Proactive New Look at Real Human Cadavers

Human anatomy has fascinated people for hundreds of years and there's a new provocative exhibition in town that gives San Diegans the opportunity to see the human body first-hand. Bodies...The Exhibit

A Proactive New Look at Real Human Cadavers

Alison St John (Guest Host):  Dead bodies may not seem to be the most appealing attraction, but the exhibition Bodies, that opens in La Jolla this weekend, is expected to be popular.  Similar exhibits have been wildly popular, drawing 20 million visitors worldwide in recent years.  Bodies are undeniably fascinating, perhaps because we all have one.

Bodies...the Exhibition opens May 12, 2007, at the former Robinsons-May department store at the University Towne Centre mall in La Jolla.



  • Dr. Roy Glover , chief medical adviser for the exhibit and a former anatomist at the University of Michigan.