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Military Spouses Endure Financial Challenges During Deployment

Military families face the same financial pitfalls that most Americans do. The major difference is that at least one member of the family is away from home for an extended period of time fighting in

Military Spouses Endure Financial Challenges During Deployment

Alison St John (Guest Host):  San Diego is home to thousands of military families, which face all the same problems as other families, only with the added problem of deployments.  Jane Walbert hosts a financial column on a Web site that offers help to military families; it's called Ask June .  June is in San Diego for the “Spouse Buzz" conference, and she's dropped by the studio to talk a bit about the kind of advice she's most often asked for, and the things that make being a military spouse particularly challenging.

You can find June Walbert's Ask June column on



  • June Walbert , a financial advisor and host of the Ask June financial column.  She is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve.