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Downtown San Diego Booms with Redevelopment Projects

As president of downtown San Diego's redevelopment agency, Nancy Graham is responsible for the implementation of projects and programs that are designed to enhance the quality of life downtown. We ana

Downtown San Diego Booms with Redevelopment Projects

Alison St John (Guest Host): Have you noticed every time you go to San Diego downtown, there's something new? New condos sprouting up in trendy color schemes, cosmopolitan hotels near the ballpark, new public art along the water front.

The Gaslamp Quarter is still cool and the Embarcadero is breezy -- but there's so much more in the works -- and what's happening right now is going to define San Diego's image for years to come. While the City of San Diego downtown is in a period of belt tightening, downtown is booming!


On Tuesday, May 15th, the San Diego City Council will accept a community development block grant loan repayment of $3.78 million from the CCDC.