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Tijuana Sewage Problem Spills into San Diego

Bajagua, a local developer, is pushing ahead with plans to build a sewage treatment plant in Tijuana -- even though the federal government has suspended the contract. Some environmentalists say the Ba

Tijuana Sewage Problem Spills into San Diego

Alison St John (Guest Host):  A crisis has been brewing for years at the San Diego Tijuana Border and this one is not about people flowing across -- it's about sewage.  Due to a quirk of geography, Tijuana sits on a mesa above the border, so its sewage runs off down into the river valley below and out onto San Diego's beaches.  It's estimated that less than half Tijuana's sewage is treated.

Surfers, environmentalists and legislators have been struggling to find, and fund, a solution for years.  But the latest news in the unsavory saga is that Bajagua, the private company planning to build a sewage treatment plan, has missed important deadlines and won’t be able to finish the plant by next year as promised.  A government agency has withdrawn its support, but Bajagua insists it just needs more time.


In studio we have two deeply committed environmentalists who have very different takes on Bajagua and the latest developments, Marco Gonzales an attorney from the Coast Law Group and Serge Dedina of Wildcoast… both avid surfers!


  • Serge Dedina , Wildcoast, executive director. Environmentalist who opposes the Bajagua plant.
  • Marco Gonzalez , local environmental attorney. Environmentalist with the San Diego Surfrider Foundation who supports the Bajagua plant.