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Study Finds Dogs Promote Owners' Health and Fitness

A new study finds that dog owners who walk their dogs are more active and less overweight than those who don't. A San Diego State University researcher explains how dogs can supply the social support

Study Finds Dogs Promote Owners' Health and Fitness

Alison St John (Guest Host): Do you exercise a half-hour a day every weekday? That's the recommendation to help prevent obesity and a host of other health ailments. Well, if you don't, you're in good company. It turns out fewer than half of adults in the United States do. So, what's the most convenient way to work towards that goal and keep it up over the long term?

The latest research suggests it could very well be walking the dog! 


We speak with a SDSU graduate student who presented her research to the American College of Sports Medicine last week. She found, among other things, that more than 40 percent of people who walked their dogs met the recommended weekly exercise targets by doing nothing else other than walking their dogs.


  • Dori Rosenberg is a doctoral candidate in the clinical psychology program at San Diego State University.