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Manu Chao vs. Paris Hilton

Manu Chao is still a relative unknown in this country, despite being considered a music revolutionary everywhere else in the world. Why are most Americans completely unaware of his music? Oh, that's right, we devote gazillions of media coverage to that other champion of the people and music revolutionary,

Paris Hilton .

Riiiiiight .


Anyway, if you don't know Manu Chao, get to listenin' . (Love his site!) After a recent show in New York, The Guardian describes Chao's influence this way: "no other act in the past decade has assumed the mantle of political engagement, passion and global empathy once worn by Bob Marley or Joe Strummer quite like Manu Chao."

Manu Chao's latest album La Radiolina comes out September 4th. Here's the video for one of the tracks off that album, "Rainin' in Paradize":


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