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Public Art Looks Different Across the Pond

...or at least this piece does:


The city of Liverpool is hosting this public artwork for a stretch of 18 months. It's called Turning the Place Over , by artist Richard Wilson . And really, how cool is this piece? I love it. It totally transforms our expectations of what a building, much less a wall, should do. It's the kind of public art that challenges ideas about reality, space, and stability. It tweaks the imagination. All of a sudden, you can mentally alter your own cityscape with buildings that bend, warp, and invert themselves. Let's face it, it's just plain nifty.

Now, if we here in San Diego county could stop giving our precious dollars to support public art that looks like this ... or this ... the quality of which leads to vandalism and pranks...then maybe we can add value to our public spaces in ways that challenge and inspire us.

What are your favorite works of public art in San Diego? What pieces make you cringe?