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Lack of Confidence Still Plagues San Diego's Election System

Questions about accuracy and security continue to plague electronic voting machines. Earlier this month, the Secretary of State decertified electronic voting boxes in 39 counties including San Diego.

Lack of Confidence Still Plagues San Diego's Election System

Tom Fudge: Casting your vote is one of the most hallowed rights of American citizenship. And many voters in San Diego County have had their trust in elections shaken. This is due to the perceptions of two people who run the county's voter registrar's office. The county registrar is a former employee of Diebold, which sold the county $31 million worth of electronic voting machines. Some say that means she has a built-in bias in favor of the Diebold machines. What's more, the assistant registrar of voters is a man who oversaw elections in Ohio, where two of his assistants were convicted of vote rigging.

Complicating the situation even further is the fact that the California Secretary of State has decertified San Diego County's electronic voting machines.



  • Amita Sharma, KPBS Reporter.