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Alternative Energy Industry Grows as Oil Supplies Decline

Politics, Middle East conflicts, the world market and global climate change are several factors that make energy alternatives to oil more necessary. Which kinds of other energy sources challenge the w

Alternative Energy Industry Grows as Oil Supplies Decline

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Tom Fudge: The quest for alternative energy has been going on ever since we recognized the polluting hazards of burning oil. But now that global warming is widely known, the quest for alternatives has become more urgent. Also, there seems to be no way that oil supplies can last long. The only thing people seem to disagree on is when oil supplies will actually run out.

Yet our use of alternative fuels is minimal at best. Only about one percent of U.S. electricity generation is solar. And gasoline still powers our cars and trucks. So when will alternative energy become the convention? And what is it going to take for individuals and governments to make the leap?