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Two New Shows Open at San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts

There will be two new photography exhibits on display at the Museum of Photographic Arts. One investigates the idea of paradise – both lost and found. The other features the work of Wendy Richmond, w

Two New Shows Open at San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts

( Photo: Picturing Eden)

Tom Fudge: Adam and Eve knew something that we don't. If fact, something we'll never know: what it was like to live in paradise. The Eden they knew went away when Eve took a bite of the fruit of knowledge. And isn't that the way it always is? Ignorance is bliss. You may think you're in paradise until you take a little closer look.


The concept of paradise is something we are well acquainted with in San Diego. In fact, it crosses religious and cultural lines around the world. And it's the subject of a new photo exhibit at the Museum of Photographic Arts . We're going to talk about the exhibit called Picturing Paradise .

Next we'll talk about an exhibit called Public Privacy: Wendy Richmond's Surreptitious Cellphone . There's been a lot of well-known photography that's based on taking photos of people who are on candid camera. And Wendy Richmond does it with a cellphone that records videos.

Picturing Eden opens on September 15th and runs through January, 2008.

The exhibit Public Privacy: Wendy Richmond's Surreptitious Cellphone opens Saturday and runs through January 6th.
  • Deborah Klochko, director of the Museum of Photographic Arts and the curator of the new exhibition Picturing Eden.
  • Wendy Richmond , fine art photographer. An exhibition of her work titled Wendy Richmond's Surreptitious Cellphone opens this weekend at MOPA.
  • Carol McCusker, curator of photography at MOPA.