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I'm Back!

Please forgive my absence! I've been on vacation in lovely San Francisco and since my return, I'm searching for my groove.

This week there is plenty to lust after so I'll keep you in the loop. In the meantime, check out the following...

The LA Times has an article on alternate movie endings . Since I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan, I was aware of his original Clerks ending with Dante getting shot - I didn't know about some of the others.


Slate has an interesting piece on a much buzzed about documentary called My Kid Could Paint That . The subject of the documentary is a 4-year old girl who becomes an art sensation after a show of her abstract paintings racks up over $300,000. But the youngster's star fizzles as fast as it rose when speculation surfaces that her painter father provides a helping paint brush. Even the filmmaker, Amir Bar-Lev , questions the authenticity of the girl's talent. You can read an interview with Bar-Lev here . . The film opens in San Diego on October 19th at Landmark's La Jolla Village Cinemas.

I enjoy reading Ann Powers, the music critic for the LA Times . She has an article in yesterday's paper about Jammie Thomas, the Minnesota single mom who was found guilty of illegal file-sharing last Thursday and ordered to pay $220,000 in damages to the Recording Industry Association of America - that's out of her annual household income of $26,901. Music snobs have had a field day with Thomas' choice of music, which included Journey, Bryan Adams and Vanessa Williams (ok, so the last one really does send a shiver up the spine). Instead of taking the snarky snob route, so popular in today's press and blogosphere, Powers searches for possible insight into Thomas' motives and comes up some good results. She suggests that the eclectic mix of Thomas' playlist represents a desire for diverse music programming that's nearly impossible to find on radio today.

That should keep you busy while I produce some radio and look for the lust.

Oh, and don't forget, the new Radiohead album goes on sale Wednesday - for however much you want to pay! (you can pre-order it now) It will be interesting to see how much they make with this sales model.