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Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains

Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains (Sony Pictures Classics)

Filmmaker Jonathan Demme is probably best known for his Oscar-winning Silence of the Lambs , but hes also a veteran documentary filmmaker. Back in 1984, he made the Talking Heads documentary Stop Making Sense , and more recently, he delivered a vibrant portrait of the late Haitian radio journalist/activist Jean Dominique in The Agronomist . Last November, Demme decided to follow former president Jimmy Carter as he headed out for a three-month book tour. The resulting film is Jimmy Carter Man From Plains (opening Nov. 9 for one week only at Landmarks Ken Cinema ).


The book Carter was promoting was Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid , and it immediately stirred controversy. As president, Carter negotiated peace between Israel and Egypt in 1979. Since that time he has continued to be active in efforts for peace in the Middle East. Since leaving office, he has maintained contacts in the region and has made frequent visits to the Holy Land, most recently in the role of observer in the Palestinian elections of 2005 and 2006. His book is described as one in which the Nobel Peace Prize-winning former president shares his intimate knowledge of the history of the Middle East and his personal experiences with the principal actors, and he addresses sensitive political issues many American officials avoid. Pulling no punches, Carter prescribes steps that must be taken for the two states to share the Holy Land without a system of apartheid or the constant fear of terrorism.

bonnie brandt
November 09, 2007 at 05:18 AM
i had the priveledge to view mr. demme's fine work. having always loved what pres. carter has done and continues to do an outstanding effort in shaping humanitarian causes and world peace. i applaud the movie, his writings,(although his most recent book is on my to read list)and his tireless effort for peace in the middle east.I am proud of you mr. president. bonnie b. nyack.n.y. -----

Beth Accomando
November 09, 2007 at 04:36 PM
I agree, I think what he has done after leaving office has been most impressive and so much of his work with Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Center seems to be done without attempting to seek the spotlight. It's refreshing.

November 15, 2007 at 05:46 PM
They should call the film Carterville (fictional depiction of real life events)! Its genre Psycho- Drama.. Here is a man who made a fortune on government farm subsidy and parlayed it into a position where he had a hand in making peoples lives a living hell... Carter is no doubt an ambitious man. However, the results of his actions have been costly to America and the world. Look no further then Iran today and its leadership... They are in power because of Carter policies when he was President. His Idea of piece is giving Israels land to Palestine. Then there are his famous economic policies, the result of which, we ended up with 26% interest rates. Gas shortages caused by price controls that he implemented even though price controls never work whenever tried, Remember the days of waiting in line for gas for hours only to be turned away because your license plate had the wrong number. This guy was and is a devoted Socialist bordering on Marxism. Every form of power or wealth he has accrued is directly related to government. His habitat for humanity is probably the best thing he ever did. Maybe he should have been a social worker and saved us all a lot of grief. He is like the energizer bunny Battery adds. He just keeps going and going! His most recent failures have been the Palestine electrons which soon after their was a coup and another attack on Israel. How about his most recent support of Castros his buddy from the good old days? A regime that has destroyed the lives of more people then even Carter. However, by this film it seems he still has support hidden in the cracks willing to help re invent himself! I guess there will always be people who will support a proven failure!