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Political Correspondent Analyzes History’s Presidential Debates

NPR hosts the democratic presidential candidate debate. The important caucuses are just around the corner, so we'll ask KPBS political correspondent Gloria Penner what we can expect from the candidate

Political Correspondent Analyzes History’s Presidential Debates

Tom Fudge: Just one hour from now, National Public Radio and Iowa Public Radio will play host to a debate among the Democratic candidates for president. We will, of course, be broadcasting the debate live on KPBS.

So far, there have been a number of debates between the Republicans and the Democratic candidates. But are they really debates? Maybe they're better described as panel discussions or compound interviews. Whatever you call them, they have become an important staple of media coverage of the election, and they do inform our votes. Political debates, of course, didn't begin with the medium of television. They've been going on since the founding of this country.


KPBS Radio will air the NPR and Iowa Public Radio Democratic Presidential Debate live today (Tues., Dec. 4) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can also listen online at Election 2008 .

You can read Gloria Penner's latest Commentary .