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Bird Watchers See San Diego as a Paradise for Spotting Feathered Friends

San Diego is a mecca for bird watchers. The county boasts close to 500 different species of birds. With the 107th Annual Christmas Bird Count wrapped up, and the San Diego Bird Festival right around

Bird Watchers See San Diego as a Paradise for Spotting Feathered Friends

Tom Fudge: The annual bird count in San Diego County is underway, and it's almost done. This is something birders do every year to get a handle on how well bird populations are doing in our area. San Diego, in fact, may have the most varied population of birds in the nation. The reason is simple. Geographic diversity. As they say at the local Audubon Society, beaches, tidal mudflats, fresh and saltwater marshes, sage scrub and grasslands, oak and conifer forests, rocky cliffs and high mountain passes all exist without our borders. Because of this diversity of landscape, more rare, endangered bird species are found here than in any other county in the nation.


The 12th Annual San Diego Bird Festival will be held from Feb. 6 - 11. The event includes workshops and field trips on birding. For more information, visit or call (619) 682-7200.


  • Chris Redfern, executive director of the San Diego Audubon Society.
  • Barbara Moore, anavid birder and field trip chairman for the San Diego Audubon Society.
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