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Managing Editor of ‘Newsweek’ Takes Stock of the Presidential Race

The presidential race is a contest of ideas, positions and of personalities. We' speak with Evan Thomas, the editor of Newsweek magazine, who's following the race very closely. He talks about the qual

Managing Editor of ‘Newsweek’ Takes Stock of the Presidential Race

Tom Fudge: On Saturday, our neighbors to the east, in Nevada, will go to the polls to tell us who they think should represent the Republican and Democratic parties in the race for president. At this point in the race, there are a lot of choices. But there isn't a tremendous difference in the views of the candidates. Political observers have said American politics is a bit like a football game that's played between the 30-yard lines. From goal line to goal line, from left to right, there are not many dramatic differences between the parties. And within the parties, there's even more similarity among the candidates. Among Democrats, all the major candidates favor abortion rights. All the major republicans, aside from Giuliani, want Roe v. Wade overturned. The Democrats want Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy to expire; the Republicans want them made permanent.

So when you're deciding who to select for the nomination, and the candidates are pretty much the same on the issues, what do you look for? Is it the steady, clear-eyed gaze the candidate has as he stares out over an Iowa hog lot? Is it character? And if so, what is good character?


Evan Thomas will deliver a free lecture entitled “The Race for the Presidency: 2008,” at 7 p.m. at the UCSD Price Center Ballroom .


Evan Thomas, managing editor of Newsweek magazine.