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Finding Solutions for the Future of Balboa Park

Balboa Park has millions of dollars of deferred maintenance, and the city of San Diego may need to find a new way to manage and finance the park. That's the conclusion of an independent study on the c

Finding Solutions for the Future of Balboa Park

Tom Fudge: Last week a report by the Washington-based Trust for Public Land declared that San Diego's Balboa Park needed some changes. Without a change in management and funding, the report said it was unlikely that the park will continue to be the world-class cultural and recreational treasure that it is.

Among other things, the study identified more than $200 million in deferred, unfunded maintenance projects. It described the park's system of management and funding as fractured and impractical. As to what the study suggested be done, it identified several options for the future management of the park. They include a non-profit park conservancy.


The one comforting fact that was found in the report was the fact that we're not alone. Many large urban parks, including Central Park in New York, have been through this. By and large, they've found ways to reform and keep things going.

The Balboa Park Committee will hold a public hearing at the Recital Hall in Balboa Park on Saturday, March 8th. Members of the public are invited to be involved in a question and answer session, involving people who have studied the park's needs and other options of funding and governance.  


  •   Mike Kelly, chairman of the Committee of One Hundred , focusing on the preservation of Spanish colonial architecture in Balboa Park.