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Nerdy Obsessions Sweeping The Nation

The Onion's A.V. Club has a list of the top 20 nerdiest pop-culture obessions . & A lot of what you expect gets a shout out: & Star Trek , Buffy, D&D, Renaissance Fairs. & But there also are some interesting choices, like Frank Zappa and The Simpsons . &

Then there are some obsessions I've never heard of, like game show tape trading. & From the description: & "so the stalwarts gather on the Internet, offering videocassettes and DVD-Rs of Classic Concentration and The Joker's Wild , and comparing notes about the greatest hosts, the greatest contestants, the greatest celebrity guests, and the greatest eras of long-running series. And the really faithful gather in person at the Game Show Congress in Los Angeles, where they attend panels, meet legends, and play the games themselves." &

Come to think of it, I can't remember the last game show I watched. & I think they should have a trivia show about The Wire - not only would I watch, I would totally dominate. In fact, in the spirit of the list, maybe there should be Wire role-playing games. & Oh Oh, I get Omar. & Or Bubbs. & Even being Avon or Marlo would be fun for stretch. & Totally scaring myself. &


Back to the list, Rocky Horror Picture Show is on it, as is World of Warcraft - to which the listers say: & "Five minutes in a room with any two World Of Warcraft players will drive any non-player mad, amid jargony babble like "Next time we run MC, sheep one of the core hounds while I rush in and pull aggro. Damn, I wish they hadn't nerfed paladins." & Every show/game/fantasy has its own jargon. & Like for me, I often say to myself, "Yo, a man's got to have a code. & You feel me?"