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Wiseguys Have The Best Nicknames

Bobby the Jew. The Greaseball. Tommy Sneakers. Little Nicky. Jackie the Nose. One Eye. Johnny Red Rose. These are some of the wiseguy names listed in a racketeering indictment filed today in New York District Court in Brooklyn. & They are members and associates of the Gambino crime family, the second most powerful mafia family in the United States (the most powerful is the Genovese family). & The list of charges is murder, narcotics distribution, robbery, extortion, loansharking and other nasty mafia behavior. &

These boys may be bad, but how about those names? & Good stuff. & Charles Carneglia is known as "Charlie Canig." & Can't you just hear it roll off a Brooklyn-accented tongue? & Joseph Corozzo has a couple of different names, as do many of them, but his are moody in nature. & Corozzo is both "JoJo" (happy, fun, the kind of guy you want to whack a stoolie with) and "Miserable" (which really cuts to the chase). & Who gets the nickname Miserable?

It's a fun list, giving you a little window into a real-life Sopranos world.