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I Wish I Could Quit You, Ron Paul

Christine Smith won the Libertarian primaries not just in California, but in most of the country holding Libertarian primaries.
In covering the Libertarian views, I wanted to share this
video where Christine Smith was interviewed
. It’s a good video, and it also goes into what the Libertarian party is really all about.

The big news over the weekend was Mitt Romney bowing out, thus leaving the GOP nomination up to Ron Paul and John McCain. 

You know, this puts me in a serious dilemma. Do I remain with one candidate, or switch to another?


Dave from Oceanside
February 14, 2008 at 08:23 AM
Don't toss your vote to a third party.. that message has been heard.. and the message is that a third party only hurts the one that would have supported your cause..