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Modern Philosopher Channels Socrates to Understand Love

What is the nature of love? We find out how Socrates answered that question. Christopher Phillips is the author of three books on Socrates, including “Socrates in Love.”

Modern Philosopher Channels Socrates to Understand Love

Tom Fudge: Today is Valentine's Day. You may have already heard that. It's a day when we celebrate the feeling of love. But if we were ancient Greeks, we wouldn't put it that way. I guess we'd say we're celebrating Eros. Eros is the word that refers to romantic, sexual love. But don't forget there's also Philia, friendship love, agape, self-sacrificial love and, Xenia, love of strangers.

Socrates is one Greek philosopher who had a lot to say about the subject of love. One of his most ardent followers today is Christopher Phillips. Phillips is author of Socrates Cafe , and now a new tome called Socrates in Love: Philosophy of a Die-hard Romantic .


Christopher Phillips will be giving a reading and signing books Feb. 14, at Barnes and Noble on Birch Road in Chula Vista at 7p.m.