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Star Wars

Well, they shot the spy satellite down. But, I didn't realize it could be the

opening salvo for Star Wars . Morning Edition's Pentagon Correspondent Tom Bowman explains why the shot that brought down the satellite is making Russia nervous.

From outer space to underwater...we heard a disturbing report from KPBS environmental reporter Ed Joyce about the "dead zones" in the oceans. These low-oxygen zones never appeared just off open-coastlines until a few years ago. Now, they appear to be popping up all over.


And, I must admit, we heard more today that I ever wanted to hear again about Smurfs . I never realized how happy I was not seeing those creepy little blue things. Now, they're coming back? Not if I can help it....

The KPBS TV special "Alzheimer's- the Cost of Growing Old" is on at 8 tonight. I know the reporters involved were & affected by what they learned and the people they met doing this special. It should be really worthwhile.