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Something Stinks and Not Just the Seals

While litigation back and forth over seal waste at the Children's Pool has been going on for several years, it was interesting to note this week some new waste of the city's own making at that local landmark.

While the city has spent years and thousands of dollars litigating the proper use of the Children's Pool in La Jolla, it's been forced to red tag its own lifeguard tower at the Children's Pool after a protracted lack of maintenance rendered the building unsafe.

The Union-Tribune's article on the closure details some of the extra personnel costs the city will incur as a result in providing lifeguard services without the use of the existing structure.


With an election coming up in June to elect a mayor and a city attorney for San Diego, one might think that this week's news would bring the mismanagement of the city's property assets back into focus.

Is this how the city that calls itself 'America's Finest' should be known? As a city that can't even maintain its own public safety infrastructure?

Davesnot from Oceanside
March 26, 2008 at 06:48 PM
The whole mess is a sick joke... one caused by short-sightedness back when the seals lost their cliffside homes farther south.. This is a good case of how democracy is tainted by money.. obviously some power broker with fingers in politician pockets doesn't like something about the seals.. probably something that causes him or her to lose money.. but.. certainly they have no ground to stand on.. so they dig something up to make things the way they'd like.. The idea that 90% of the people want the seals there is irrelevent to them.. they are arrogant, elite that feel the earth and its peasants are here for their entertainment.. like watching Funniest Home Videos.. Well.. they may win this battle.. but in the end, the masses always triumph...