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Professor Explains Nuances of Entertainment Litigation

How do contracts amongst parties in the entertainment industry impact the general public? Associate professor of law Kevin J. Greene discusses the ins-and-outs of litigation in Hollywood.

Professor Explains Nuances of Entertainment Litigation

Originally aired December 5, 2006.

Tom Fudge

: Entertainment lawyers may love show business.  But to them the emphasis is on the business, not the show.  And the key to making the business work is striking the deal, getting the talent to sign on the dotted line.
In the past, show business contracts have been famously exploitive of talent. The best example may be the way early black pioneers of rock and roll were paid peanuts for what became huge hits.  Today, actors and musicians are more likely to profit from their creativity.  Yet, reality television and entertainment phenomena like the movie Borat are bringing the show biz contract into new territory.


  • Kevin J. Greene , associate professor of law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and an expert in entertainment and contract law. His clients have included film director Spike Lee and the rap group Public Enemy.