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Musicians Perform Appalachian and Bluegrass Music from Virginia's Crooked Road

The Crooked Road winds through the mountains, ridges and valleys of southern Virginia. The communities along this road have produced talented musicians performing bluegrass and mountain-style music. W

Musicians Perform Appalachian and Bluegrass Music from Virginia's Crooked Road

Originally aired October 18, 2007.



1) Wayne Henderson (guitar) performs "Nothing To It" accompanied by Jacob Eller (bass)
2) Elizabeth LaPrelle sings "Pretty Saro"
3) Elizabeth LaPrelle (vocals) and Kurk Sutphin (banjo) perform "East Virginia"
4) Amber Collins (vocals), Josh Pickett (guitar) and Jacob Eller (bass) of No Speed Limit perform "Wayfaring Stranger"
5) Wayne Henderson (guitar) performs "Carter Family Medley" accompanied by Jacob Eller (bass)
Tom Fudge: If you look at a map of Virginia, find Roanoke in the western part of the state and follow the Blue Ridge Parkway further west until you get to Highway 58. They call 58 the "Crooked Road." And it is. But the people who have come from the Crooked Road may be best known for their love of music, and they play it pretty well too. The Carter family came from there. So did Ralph and Carter Stanley.

The music from that area has been called many things. Today we call it bluegrass. And nowadays, there still are plenty of outstanding musicians from the Crooked Road. Some of them are in San Diego today to perform at the invitation of UCSD's ArtPower program. And they join us this morning in the KPBS performance studios.

First we hear from guitarist Wayne Henderson. Wayne doesn't just play the guitar, he makes them. In fact he's become a bit famous as a guitar maker, having crafted instruments for rockstar Eric Clapton and flatpicking master Doc Watson .

UCSD's ArtPower features our guests among other Crooked Road musicians, Friday (Oct. 19) at 8 p.m. at Mandeville Auditorium on the UCSD campus.


  • Wayne Henderson , Appalachian guitarist and expert guitar maker. He is also a National Heritage Award Fellow. 

  • Kurk Sutphin, master old-time fiddler and banjoist.

  • Josh Pickett , guitarist in the band No Speed Limit.

  • Jacob Eller , bassist in the band No Speed Limit.