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Expert on the Importance of Driving Green

Today is Earth Day, but chances are, if you're like most Americans who do not drive eco-friendly cars, you weren't helping the environment today. But as gas prices continue to soar higher and higher,

Expert on the Importance of Driving Green

Tom Fudge : It's Earth Day today, and our focus on how to be good to the earth has shifted to the issue of global warming. One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse emissions is the use of fossil fuels for transportation. Thus far, the hybrid car is the most popular way of cutting greenhouse emissions in the U.S. It's become hard to drive around San Diego and not see a Prius pulling up behind you.

The hybrid is hardly the last word when it comes to cutting greenhouse gases. But the idea of using electricity for automobiles shows the greatest immediate promise. Today, we await the arrival in the marketplace of the plug-in hybrid, and the dream of creating the perfect electric car hasn't gone away.



  • Paul Scott, founding member of Plug In America and a long-time electric vehicle driver and advocate for renewable energy. Paul is the president of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California.