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Political Fix by Gloria Penner

The "F" Words on Editors Roundtable

Political Fix by Gloria Penner

I had to think long and hard about including that brief discussion in Editors Roundtable this morning . Producer Hank Crook and I pondered whether the incident warranted time on the program and decided that since it was part of the week's news with interest building as the week progressed, the mayor's use of that impolite epithet deserved to be presented to the editors for their opinions. Apparently, San Diego Union-Tribune editorial page editor Bob Kittle and Los Angeles Times San Diego bureau chief Tony Perry had different takes on the moment. What a shame that Andrew Donahue , co-executive editor of and our listeners didn't have a chance to weigh in. But the campaign for San Diego mayor is rich with material and controversy, and so we moved on.

michael valentine from Spring Valley
April 30, 2008 at 05:27 PM
Crude language is becoming the norm for the under scrutiny Republican politicians.


michael valentine from Spring Valley
May 19, 2008 at 01:08 AM
Yep, when you don't have a good rejoinder to being called on being a political crook and a good old fashion F.U. is all you have ..... well you just might be a crook. For sure you're not very a very civil person and for sure your in the wrong business. When Vice President Cheney suggested that Senator Lahey, "Go F*ck yourself" he didn't have a good answer to the question that Lahey was asking, something about Halliburton I think.

Christine from Hillcrest
May 30, 2008 at 08:36 PM
Of course the "F Bomb" comment is relative. I thought about how i would feel about a council member I respected if they did that (like Donna Frey) for examp or imagine Barack Obama doing that to Clinton, and YES it would undoubtedly change my opinion of the person. This was a professional setting, a debate for the love of God. It just exemplifies a world view that is arrogant, entitled and disrespectful of others (in fact I would liken it to the same world view of the Bush Administration) and I believe it exemplifies Jerry Sanders inability to get his head out of the sand and work w/ people to solve problems. His auditor just came out 2 weeks ago and said Sanders forced him to lie about finances telling hime to "be a team player". We dont need any more "team playing" we need truth.